How did GetGlickdTraining Get Started?

Throughout middle school, I was constantly bullied and pushed around because of my size. In November of 2008, two of my friends introduced me to the bench press (I adopted a false belief that one’s max bench press was proportionate to how cool he was). As an 85 lb teen in his final year of middle school, I was struggling to push the bar up. I knew I had to perfect my craft if I ever wanted to fit in and be strong like everyone else. I spent days googling "How to get a stronger bench press," and on January 1st of 2009, I devised a plan to not only get my bench press stronger but also to attack my larger muscle groups. Within 3 months, a growth spurt catapulted me 6 inches, and I gained 30 lbs without any knowledge of nutrition.

In high school, I was interested in the sport of wrestling. For 6 months, I wrestled, truly believing that brute strength was the key ingredient in a good wrestler. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken, and after those 6 months I looked for another avenue that would fill the void. One day I googled "How much should I bench press for my weight." After hours of reading through the surfeit of answers that popped up, I came across State, National, and World records for bench pressing. I quickly found the State records for North Carolina, and to my surprise, I was only a few pounds away from breaking the State record for my weight. I spent the next few months preparing for my first powerlifting competition. At my first competition, I tied for the State record. It was an amazing experience, and I knew exactly what I had to do next time to beat it. Over the next year, I broke 5 State records between bench pressing, dead lifting, push-pull, and strict curling.

Within that year, I competed in the 100% Raw Federation in hopes to break a world record because as a 123 lb 15 year old, I was bench pressing 215 lbs paused! I flew out to Arizona and had one of the most memorable and disappointing experiences of my life. On my second bench press attempt, I was given 217 lbs instead of 215 lbs. I missed the lift, psyched myself out, then missed my previous PR of 215 lbs.

That year, my interest in powerlifting resulted in my securing a position with a National Retailer of Nutritional Supplements: Complete Nutrition. This opportunity provided me with a fantastic background in sales and the promotion of products. Within the first two weeks, I was able to bring in over $700 of product sales for the company. Over the next few months, I generated over $1,000 each month.

On my 17th birthday, I ended my powerlifting career and lifted my first National Record Bench press in South Carolina. On the day of my competition, I weighed under 140 lbs and bench pressed 231 lbs (a very conservative attempt of my 250 lb max at the time) paused to break the National record.  Despite the desire to break a world record, I decided it was time to pursue my next passion: Men's Physique.

Within the next year, I competed in my first all natural Men’s Physique competition through the OCB. Because of the amazing experience I had, I have made it a point to do it again in the future.

Freshmen year of college came and hit me hard. I joined a fraternity after briefly hearing from one of the only people I looked up to - Steve Cook. I had tweeted at him asking him, "Is all that you accomplish not enough sometimes?" Steve favorited the tweet, re-tweeted it, followed me, and then replied saying "It isn't!! The only thing I take comfort in is knowing all I have to do is make the big man up top happy. I have won shows and been put on magazines only to feel more lonely." This made me realize that having more friends and people that were enjoyable to be around would be better for me in the long run. In the first two weeks of the fraternity, I lost 18 lbs. It hit me hard mentally and demolished my confidence. I skipped the gym for nearly all of freshmen year, and if I didn’t, you would have seen me covered in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Thankfully, when the summer between my freshman and sophomore year came, I got back into the gym. It took nearly all summer to get back the physical and mental parts of me I had lost, but it was well deserved and worth the hard work. I worked between 40-70 hour weeks between 3 jobs and made my first major purchase, my Jeep. By the end of that summer, I realized something; between all the hard work I was putting in at the gym and at my places of work, it eventually paid off.

Sophomore year I started to stray away from the fraternity and found another huge aspect that changed my outlook in life. I worked 25-40 hour weeks at a car dealership, detailing cars, in addition to 15-16 credit hours of school and training, which I even did twice some days. I was up at 4:30 am every day and home no earlier than 9:00 pm. I realized over that first semester back at college how much myself or anyone can accomplish in just one day. It gave me a new outlook in life- to make the most of every day because there is too little time and too much to accomplish.

I worked my butt off that semester and haven't stopped yet nor do I plan to. I am confident I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for those experiences. Because of that hard work, I was able to start the business I have now. Ultimately, I learned that anything is possible with desire and a concrete plan of action, molded together by consistent hard work. I took the next summer studying to get my NASM certification, planning out marketing strategies, and partnering with others to make my business stand out from the rest. Soon I became the most well-known training brand at my home gym and East Carolina University. I am well known for my knowledge, but more importantly, I am known for the passion I have for making a difference.