How Much Does It Cost and What Does It Come With?

What To Do

  • Choose a program from below (ranges from 10-60 pages of information). (Email me for contest prep.)
  • Click on each option to read more about what it entails.
  • Add it to the cart and enter a promo code if you have one.
  • Download the questionnaire and any other documents I have made available to you.
  • Once you fill out the questionnaire and I have received it (email it to me), I will start to design your program and be in touch with you for any extra questions or concerns before completing your program.
  • Questionnaires must be filled out by Friday at 4pm to be guaranteed your program by Sunday night.
  • When you receive your program, read it thoroughly and give it your all!

*Read the contract on the Terms of Service page before ANY purchase.*