Veronica-Dropped 30LBS OF WEIGHT in 30 weeks of her natural contest prep while gaining strength in all her lifts

" I have been lifting weights for about 5 years now but didn’t see the results I wanted until I reached out to Jordan. I was getting frustrated with myself because I tried everything from eating “clean” to doing smoothie cleanses and detoxes. I reached out to him last summer for help with nutrition because I knew how important it was when it came to training and losing weight. I chose to work with him because he seemed very knowledgeable and that was important to me. After getting to know me and my fitness/food habits, Jordan suggested I do a reverse dieting program. I had no idea what reverse dieting was but he educated me and helped me understand the importance of it. Together, we were able to raise my maintenance calories and build muscle.

After 12 weeks, I decided I wanted to get into bodybuilding and compete in a natural bikini show. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I couldn’t have done it without Jordan. My body weight went up and down like a rollercoaster because of my birth control. With his expertise and patience, Jordan was able to come up with the right plan for me. I did his strength training program throughout prep. My bench went from 95 lbs to 135 lbs, squat went up from 180 lbs to 215 lbs, deadlift went from 190 lbs to 245 lbs. Additionally, I lost a total of 30 pounds during prep! Throughout this time, I had a lot of questions! He always has answers and will respond in a timely manner whether it’s through FaceTime, texts, emails or phone calls.

I have been working with Jordan for a year now and am so happy with the results we accomplished together! I gained more confidence, discipline, and knowledge working with Jordan. I could honestly say that my life has changed because he taught me how to integrate good habits and sustainability into my lifestyle. He always supported and motivated me through the ups and downs! I highly recommend working with him because he will always have your best interest in mind!" -Veronica Parado

Courtney-HAS LOST 30LBS OF WEIGHT SO FAR. SHE did less than 90 min of cardio a week, 4 days of resistance training and also lowered her resting heart rate over 30bpm in just a few months.

"Ever since freshman year of college, I was continuously gaining weight. From the summer before my senior year of college, until I contacted Jordan, I had put on an excess of 30 lbs. That's when I reached out to Jordan, and it was the best decision I made all throughout college. I have scoliosis, so I always have made excuses as to why I couldn't do something in the gym. I never lifted weights or did strength training. I pretty much just stuck to cardio every time I worked out. When I met with Jordan to discuss my program and what I was wanting, he was so supportive and encouraging. He did all kinds of research about my scoliosis so he would know exactly what exercises were safe for my back and what weren't. Every workout he pushed me and encouraged me to do things I never thought I could. He never let me use my scoliosis as an excuse to not give something my all, although he always made sure I was careful in not hurting my back. Every time we worked out together we always had a great time. Throughout my time with Jordan, I have gained so much self confidence, mental and physical strength. Jordan was always available to answer any questions I had. He knows so much about nutrition and always has your best interest in mind. He takes the time to genuinely get to know the likes and dislikes of each one of his clients. I can not recommend him enough. He puts so much care and effort into each clients success but ultimately it comes down to how much you want it. Working out with him and eating healthy is only the half of it. Jordan does a great job of giving me the motivation I need to accomplish my goals." -Courtney Phillips

Heather-a mommy of 2, lost 10 lbs over a 12 week period and was still able to enjoy time with her kids and husband.

"I have really enjoyed working with Jordan over the last 12 weeks. I first started out using Jordan to help me learn some of the basic but key lifting movements to help gain strength. I then moved into having him help me monitor my nutrition online while I continued to lift on my own. Over the past weeks he has been very encouraging and listened to all the feedback I gave and took it into account. I really appreciated having someone as knowledgeable as him looking at everything I was doing and giving me honest feedback. During this time I have dropped down to a weight I haven't seen since high school while also gaining more muscle mass then I had at a heavier weight. I'm really excited about not only being able to fit into older clothes but feeling stronger and more motivated to keep going. I know that I would not have seen the changes I have thus far had I not had him to guide me. I would highly recommend him for anyone considering coaching for nutrition or weight training." -Heather Gilbert

Jake-HAS LOST 25LBS OF WEIGHT SO FAR. HE INCREASED HIS STRENGTH TREMENDOUSLY, Plans to do another program as soon as school starts back up.

Coming Soon–– Jakes Testimonial.

Ryan-Has lost 10lbs of weight so far. He increased his strength tremendously, lost fat and built muslce in 12 weeks.

"My ultimate goal has always been to put on lean muscle mass, but for the past 5 years, I had yet to see the results I had ultimately wanted while using my own ’program.’ Was I working out frequently? Yes! Was I eating healthy? Yes! (well what I thought was healthy at the time) but I still had my unwanted lower stomach fat/love handles. Out of frustration from lack of results, I decided it was time to hire a personal trainer to see if he or she could help me achieve my goal. Shortly after I met Jordan through instagram, before contacting him I of course did a little research on his website. I was extremely impressed with content of the website, mainly the testimonial section, REAL people with REAL results using custom fit programs designed by Jordan.

I was sold after that! I then contacted Jordan informing him of my fitness goals and he recommended his new optimal strength 16 week program. Jordan was in charge of my macros as well as my workout routine, which was a four day split with roughly 1 hour of cardio a week.

From the very start Jordan was extremely helpful with every aspect of the program. All he ever asked of me in return was to give 100% effort. He is very tentative to texts and emails, as well as facetime if longer discussions were needed. I honestly can’t think of a time that I contacted Jordan without hearing back from him within 5-10 minutes. Going into week 13, I am absolutely thrilled with the results thus far, yes I have been busting my ass in the gym/kitchen but without Jordan’s program and guidance I would not be seeing these results. Pumped to see what these last 4 weeks results will be and I can definitely say this will not be my last time working with Jordan, he’s a hell of a personal trainer.

My lifts went as followed in the 16 weeks while cutting: Bench: 225 --> 280 | Squat 250 --> 305 | Deadlift 22-->370 | Overhead Military press 115 --> 150." -Ryan Nusbaum

Clay- Lost 6 inches in under 8 weeks and lost nearly 10lbs while maintaining the majority of his strength.

“I have been lifting weights for about 5 years now and I have always eaten a lot of “good” [clean] food but I have never really paid attention to how much food I was taking in and was never able to figure out how to lose bodyfat.  I contacted Jordan after my buddy Taylor Surma told me about how much he helped him reached his goals.  I was hesitant at first because he is still in college like myself and I figured there was no way he could know that more about lifting and nutrition than I did.  The first time I talked to Jordan, it was like all the information was building up as if he was about to burst and he just had to let it all out.  I was amazed at how much he knew about nutrition and the amount of research (to obtain supporting evidence) he had done.   Jordan was always available anytime I emailed or texted him. He always answered back as soon as he could and it felt as if he made me his first priority.  I am very happy with the results from The Optimal Diet and plan to continue working out and pursuing my goals.” -Clay Wagner

Emily- Lost 10lbs in a couple months and gained strength on "The Optimal Strength Program" at the same time.

"I had started my "fitness journey" awhile before I reached out to Jordan. I was feeling lost, frustrated and confused at the time.. especially when it came to nutrition. I stumbled across Jordan's Instagram/YouTube channel and I immediately knew I wanted his help. He has this sense of drive and motivation that is like no other and I needed to see what it was all about! I began training with him twice a week and absolutely loved it. I never failed to learn something every single time we were together. This taught me how to WORK in the gym and I fell in love with weight training. This past semester I decided to complete Jordan's "Optimal Strength" program. I wanted to be disciplined and held accountable for. Jordan was super supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process and always looked out for what was best for me. If I asked him a simple question or had a concern, BOOM he would drop a ton of knowledge on me. I absolutely loved this program. I was able to gain strength while losing weight.. what is better than that? Working with Jordan guarantees results and reaching your goals if you put in the work. He has one hundred percent changed my life forever and I couldn't be more grateful. I cannot wait to see him continue to do the same for others." - Emily Sullivan


"Putting on size has always been a goal for me as I am naturally a leaner person. I have tried many different routines to try to achieve this but all of them have had very minimal if any results and have left me disappointed . I heard about Jordan recently through one of my friends Colby Anderson, and he told me that he was not only a phenomenal trainer but also a phenomenal person and should check out his programs. Naturally, I was very intrigued but also slightly hesitant at the same time too as I didn't want to be getting just another workout routine from some online trainer, but after looking at Jordan's site and reading about all of the testimonies from REAL people getting REAL results I was very interested. Shortly after I contacted Jordan and we discussed logistics about starting a program and I could tell from the start that this was an entirely different deal. We decided that the optimal strength program would work best for me. From the start, I knew this was going to be a hard program, but Jordan made it clear if I worked hard  and stayed very committed I would see results. The amount of knowledge Jordan has to offer is absolutely phenomenal and no matter how many questions I had he always answered them like within 5-10 minutes at any time of the day, extremely in depth and with tons of evidence! He is also very knowledgable about nutrition as I have always struggled with that and have now learned so much more about how to properly execute my nutritional needs. Jordan's program has not only taken my lifts to heights I thought impossible (as I did my max on squats 285 on week 6 and am now doing 315 for reps and still have 4 weeks left) but I have also gained close to 10lbs as I started this program weighing 174lbs and am now 183lbs! It has also taught me that in order to get on the right track to achieving your goals you need to make a decision that every workout you need to give nothing but 100% and you can achieve them. This is definitely not the last time I will be working with Jordan and am extremely excited to continue working with him for as long as possible!" -Chris Gold

Brandon-Saw amazing physical results in both strength and muscle mass in just 8 weeks on "OPtimal Strength"

"When it came to lifting weights, I thought I knew everything and could achieve my goals on my own. I never liked the thought of paying somebody I did not know giving me a cookie cutter routine they give to everyone else, who sends money their way. But when my lifting partner told me to check out Jordan, I figured I would give him a shot. Jordan was very different from any other trainer I have met and wanted to FaceTime me to make things more personal. He wanted to hear my goals and also give me a chance to get to know him before I buy a program. Unlike most trainers who try to sell you on all their programs, Jordan actually refused to take my money on some of the dieting programs because he knew they would not work for me as I am a freshman living in a dorm with limited food. Jordan asked me questions to better understand my goals and customized a program, ready for me the very next day. I told him how busy of a schedule I had in college, so Jordan created a 4-day split program that I could do on the days I had the most time. If I ever had any questions during the workouts, Jordan was just a text away and always responded with helpful advice and tips. If you put in the work in the gym, Jordan’s programs will get you results. I do not regret for one second that I chose GetGlickdTraining; Jordan was extremely encouraging and worth every penny. If you are looking for results, give Jordan 8 weeks of your time." - Brando Thaxton

Daniel-Was one of the first two people to try "The Optimal Diet" and was able to lose well over 20 lbs and as well as over 4 inches on his waist in exactly 8 weeks!

"This routine changed everything for me. From the food I eat, how much alcohol I consume(I was a heavy drinker), to the way I carry myself and the confidence I have in myself and my body. The optimal diet is amazing! This isn't some BS testimony to promote Jordan's business; I personally hate doing reviews. But this worked. I started the pre-diet at 232.6 lbs (too high for the guidelines before beginning the program) by the time the 2 week pre-diet was done, I began at 221.8lbs. At the end of the 8 weeks, I am now sitting at 198.1 lbs; smaller than I have been since my sophomore year in high school and stronger, able to hit 265 for a set of 5 when my previous max was 270. I can no longer fit my pants (downside to being a college kid working a minimum wage job). I went from a 36 and can now fit my 160lb roommates 32s. Was it hard? That honestly depends on your personality. He said it was one of his harder programs but I insisted on doing it after he sat down with me for over an hour explaining how it works. That inspired me even more to finish it. The first 2 weeks were tough. You are not going to be perfect with your macros at first, tut Jordan is extremely knowledgeable and can tell you some of the things you can eat; pancakes included :). He will be there to guide and motivate you every step of the way. I told him when I started, my body will adapt very quickly. He watched my weight and my macros on my weekly update sheet and changed them promptly within 4-5 hours of me sending it to him (usually within 20 minutes but I occasionally sent it 1am, the man does have to sleep). I suck at giving testimonials or reviews but simply put, if you want a program that you can follow, that will challenge you, will give you results, and help you look the way you want to: This is it. I'm currently taking a two week break by not tracking any food and enjoying a few beers as reccommneded before I go on the second 8 week cycle. Everything in this program is explained extremly indepthly in regards to how and why he is having you do what you do. He does say you should purchase some things like caffeine pills, protein, fish and DAG oils. I got JET ALERT (caffeine pills 200mg.) from Walmart for 3.83$ for 90 pills after tax and protein. And cheap protein as well. Give this a shot. I can't wait to see what I look like after the next 8 weeks, this was just the beginning." -Daniel Johnson

Andrew- Was one of the first two people to try "The Optimal Diet" and was able to shred the last bit of fat in just 8 weeks!

"Since the ball dropped on January 1st, my ultimate goal was to make fitness and health a central part of my life. Specifically, I wanted to lose as much body fat as possible while still maintaining muscle mass. Although I was going to the gym every day and eating what I thought at the time to be the most optimal, I could never shred that last bit of body fat off my mid-section. I decided in early July to contact Jordan because I knew he had the proper nutritional knowledge base to help get me where I wanted to be, not to mention the credibility of the testimonials I viewed on his website. After I told him my goals, he immediately recommended the Optimal Diet which is an 8-week program designed to help either men or women shred that last bit of fat off. Because nothing else was working, I decided to give it a go and it was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Jordan informed me before I started differnt the program was to others and that I was his first client to ever try this program. From the moment I started until the end, Jordan was extremely helpful in answering the many different questions I had, which was also very beneficial considering I was spending the summer 2,000 miles across the country in Colorado. There was never a time when he wasn’t available to give me the advice and tips that helped me make the most out of the program. If you are unhappy with the way you look or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, then Jordan is the man you need to talk to. You will honestly never meet a trainer that gets as personally involved and is as caring about your success. He is not going to just take your money and not do everything in his power to help you get where you want to go. If you are ready to take that next step and willing to use his knowledge base in conjunction to your hard work and dedication, then Jordan will be there every step of the way to help you reach your goals." -Andrew Frawley

Taylor Moore- Lost 25 lbs of fat in 14 weeks at 1.7 lbs per week while maintaining the majority of his strength,

"I first started a program with Jordan back in October of 2015. I wanted to cut, but on Jordan's recommendation, I did a bulk. It was my first program and it went great. I put on a good amount of size and got stronger overall. 

After I finished my bulk, I took a break from any programs, but still hit the gym. I put on a lot of excess fat and weight while on my own. I got tired of being at the weight and body fat I was at, so I again contacted Jordan and we discussed going on a cut. After a lot of questions on my end and very informing answers on Jordan's end, we decided to start a 14 week cut on March 12, 2016. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Throughout the entire cut, I had full confidence in Jordan and his decisions about the program. I would come to him at all hours of the day and night with questions and he would answer them with evidence supported facts. I really liked the fact that he didn't just answer off of his own opinions or what he has heard from others. He answered with facts from the research he has done. 

After 14 weeks I was down 25+ pounds but still had the minimal strength loss. To me, that was incredible. I didn't truly realize the changes that I had made until I sent Jordan the side by side picture of the first day till the last day of my cut. The changes amazed me. 

I was so impressed with the transformation I made that I am currently doing a reverse diet and working with Jordan for the 3rd time. I plan on bulking back up until next March and will then be purchasing another cut/prep through Jordan. 

I would recommend anybody that has any type of fitness goals whether it's cutting, bulking, strength gain, fat loss, training for a sport, or contest prep to contact Jordan. He will give you his 110% effort and if you match that effort you WILL NOT be disappointed in your results." -Taylor Moore

Marisa Giglio- Increased her lean muscle mass, endurance, and strength, while upping her calories and decreasing her body fat.

"Jordan is everything a personal trainer should strive to be. He is knowledgable, determined, and invested in his client's success. The greatest lesson Jordan taught me was to trust the process. Over fourteen weeks, I gave Jordan my all and in return he gave me his. He answered my countless questions and constantly provided me with new material that would aid in my successes. He served not only as my trainer, but also my confidante and friend. The results I achieved were incredible. Jordan constantly researched the female body and its mechanics. He was determined to learn as much as possible in an effort to help his female clients achieve just as much success as their male counterparts. I gained lean muscle mass and an increased my strength and endurance tenfold. I did so through a 6 day workout regimen each week. Rather than focusing on cardio and a low caloric intake, I began to weight train 6 days a week, while actually upping my calories. I incorporated HIIT and LISS cardio 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minute sessions. I cannot thank Jordan enough. I am leaner, faster, stronger, happier, and most importantly healthier than ever. Jordan changed my life, and if you're willing to put in the work he will change your's too!" -Marisa Giglio

Oliver Ta- Contest Prep for 7 weeks with no less than 2300 calories on peak week and minimal cardio.

"I have known Jordan for a nearly a year now through some mutual friends. I decided over the summer I wanted to compete and asked Jordan if he would coach me. We ended up doing a 9 week reverse diet/ Lean Gaining phase followed by a 7 week contest prep cut. Working with Jordan was a pleasure and I could not have won my first show  and earned my pro card without him. Day in and day out, he puts in the time and hard work to ensure the client’s success. As a client, you can tell by his work ethic that you reaching your goals is his #1 priority as a trainer. All trainers have different methods and plans for their client’s success. Jordan has methods that make you question and wonder “Is that really what I should do?” It's all about trusting the process. As a client, the reasoning behind it did not matter that much to me. Knowing that Jordan has a reason behind his methods and has scientific based evidence/research to back it up, I put my trust in him and as a result, I nailed my goals!"-Oliver Ta

Taylor Surma- TWO, 8 Week Trainer Programs back to back. Squat increased from 275 x 3 to 350x1. Deadlift increased from 375 max to 405 Max *Both pictures are 16 week transformations.*

"I first met Jordan at East Carolina's Rec Center and saw his shirts every where which had me wondering what GetGlickd was. I had one workout with him within a week of meeting him and knew that he knew what he was very knowledgeable and bought an eight week training only package from himshortly after (He only reccomeneded I not do nutrition beucase it would be hard to track at the dining hall and not as crucial since I was interested in strength and lean gaining). I had been training about 2 years before that. Within 3 weeks I had seen more results than I had with any previous program. I had always struggled with my shoulders and now they are by far one of my strong points. I wanted to hit a 350 squat and 405 deadlift and since he was a National Record Holder in power lifting, he helped properly program my deadlifting and squat to eventually reach my goals in the 16 week period. He’s always there when you have a question and has helped me reach my goals faster than I ever imagined." -Taylor Surma

Stephen- With no more than 60 minutes of cardio a week, his fat loss and muscle gained leveled out at an 8 lb difference! "The weight on the scale is just a number that gives rise to downward force and thus does not always determine what you accomplish."

"I never thought about getting a trainer for working out and managing my nutrition. When I met Jordan, I quickly realized he was very knowledgeable. His knowledge of lifting and nutrition were very intelligent and I later realized were continually improving to maximize my growth. I was very worried about having an online trainer but Jordan went above and beyond. He answered questions at ridiculous hours of the day and always replied with informative answers. I learned a great deal of information through my programs under Jordan for counting macros and what times to eat but more importantly- why. The workouts are modified for your body and the gains you are willing to make. Having a trainer pushed me to my max potential because I had something to prove to people and I wanted results. The plans Jordan makes are made to fit your personal needs/schedule and by sticking to them you will achieve the goals you set. I am very thankful for the help Jordan provided and would recommend him to anyone willing to change their lifestyle. Knowledge is power in today's society and Jordan uses that to influence others by the science behind his programming. #GetGlickd" -Stephen Allard

Alison- Lost 11 lbs in the first 5 weeks eating 100 calories more than before she started with me and "toned" up her whole body.

"I could say a million things about how amazing Jordan is but there is one that sticks out above all the rest. He is motivated and driven which in turn will rub off on you. I have been part of the fitness community for 3 years, however I reached a plateau and was not seeing any results or changes in myself. When I contacted Jordan I told him exactly what my goals were and what I wanted to change. I used the 10 week package (nutrition/workout plan) (the pictures provided are 8 weeks though) and it was more than I could have ever asked for. Jordan sculpted it to be exactly what I needed. Not only does he have a vast knowledge of training and nutrition, he is reliable. Any questions or concerns I had he was always there to answer them and go out of his way to help me.

I think the one thing that sets Jordan aside from all other personal trainers is his ability to answer the “why”. When it comes to fitness people see workouts and replicate them or see a healthy recipe on Instagram and try it out. While those things are good most people are left wondering why they are doing a certain exercise or eating a certain way… I can guarantee you, you will never feel like that with Jordan. Not once was I ever left wondering why my macros were the way they were or why I was doing a certain bicep workout. The difference is he lays everything out and will explain it down to the science so you can not only have optimal results but greater knowledge. He has helped me surpass my plateau, become more confident in myself and has shown me just how capable I am. I highly recommend any of Jordan’s awesome programs to girls and guys. I am so thankful to have such an awesome personal trainer and friend and I cannot wait to continue to Get Glicked." -Alison Sant'Anna

Colby- Lost 20 lbs in 14 weeks (1.4lbs/wk) and was stronger in every lift than before starting his cutting phase.

"Jordan’s all around knowledge about training and nutrition are second to none. Whenever I had a question about any part of my package (a 10 week nutrition/workout plan) he was always able to answer it thoroughly and honestly. He was able to tell me the science behind everything, while also putting into simpler terms that I could truly understand. Combated with his knowledge, is his work ethic. He is always working extremely hard on everything that he is doing, and no matter who the client is, he is always going to give 200% if you as a client are willing to give 100%. Being that he is always available was a huge plus in doing one of his programs. Whether it be 3 AM or 10 PM, if I had a question about anything or needed an explanation on something, he responded almost immediately. Rounding everything together, his personality is one that drives you to want to succeed yourself. He pushes you to strive for greatness and to see results, whatever it may be that you are trying to accomplish.

I did a 10 week nutrition and workout plan that we turned into a 14 week extended program to get those extra results. When first starting the program, it was one where it was not only physically demanding, but also mentally. Having to pay attention to all the little details of dieting such as when I was eating, how much I was eating, weighing in each morning were all new things for me. The knowledge that he has helped to bring to me is something that I can take with me long past this program. The workouts were a unique combination of things I have done before and new things. The variance put in and different timings of each is something that pushes the body each and every day no matter what workout I was doing that day. It was one, that at the beginning, I would complete the workout but the timing was off each time. Instead of a 45 second rest, it would take a minute and 20 second rest in order to complete each set. By the end of the program, it became second nature of how much time in between and nothing more than what he had set. It became one where the mental exhaustion went away as time went past and in turn helped to make me become mentally stronger in and out of the gym. To push myself in everything I did, whether in the gym, classroom, or at work and accept nothing but greatness. That is the kind of affect Jordan has personally had on me mentally. Physically, I went from 216 pounds down to 196 pounds. Muscle growth shot up tremendously as well (which was something I did not expect while cutting and have already been lifting for a few years). Overall, I would recommend any of his programs to anyone. The impact that he has had on my views of working out, dieting, and setting goals to have the maximum growth of yourself in everything you do in life, will change a man forever. If you are looking at making a change in your life and willing to make a commitment to greatness, Jordan Glickman is the perfect guy for you. GetGlickd!" -Colby Anderson

Scott- Gained 18 lbs in 10 weeks and is now leaner and stronger than when he started! 

"There are a few things to know about Jordan before you sign up for his program. First is that he will not accept failure or mediocrity, he will push you to be the greatest you can be. Second is that no matter how hard you work, he will be working harder. You might think that you are putting in everything you have and that that two hour workout was the hardest thing that you have ever done, but Jordan just put in three hours researching and developing new strategies to make your development and your plan the best and most personalized it can be so that you see the best results. I was friends with Jordan before signing up with his program, but I can’t tell you how much closer we have gotten since I started. The endless conversations whether it be at 5:30 am when I’m getting ready for PT or at 1:00 am when I am finishing homework, he continues to answer my questions and be there for me.

I have always been an avid lifter. Since highschool, I have been in the weight room and learning as much as I can but when I came to ECU and lost the structured lifting schedule that football offered, I struggled to make any progress.I have tried many different plans from and other body builders until I developed my own routine, but I could never make the kinds of gains that I wanted. I met Jordan and heard what he was doing but still wasn't all in until I saw the results he was brining others. So I decided to go for it and try his program.

The difference when I started his program is I told myself I was going to just trust the program and leave the science behind it to him; because my hardest thing was trusting someone else's workout when they don't know my body. When I got the first document with all of that information in it tailored specifically to me, it made me want to trust it even more and I have been for weeks now and I cannot believe the results.

I have gained 18 pounds of lean mass in 10 weeks and have kept my endurance at where it was prior to starting the program all while gaining real strength and muscle. In the top photo that was a 10 week difference and the bottom it was only 4! I can’t say that all this progress has come from me alone, because I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Jordan. I have learned that the science backs up the process and that if you just trust it and give it everything you have, then you are guaranteed to see results." -Scott Henion

Hunter- Lost over 3 inches on his waist in 12 weeks while drinking on occasion and still enjoying fast food with friends! 

“I met Jordan back in High School when we had a math class together. I was doing Crossfit at the time and he had just started getting into breaking state records for weightlifting. As we moved on to college, Jordan and I stayed in touch, but I started pledging my fraternity and stopped doing Crossfit as a result. I quickly gained 30 pounds, most of it from beer, but accepted the fact that I would have a dad bod for the rest of my life and didn’t care enough to start dieting or even going to the gym again. However, this past summer (Summer 2016), something changed in my head and I made the decision that I wanted to get back into shape, but I had no idea where to even begin. I decided to reach out to Jordan and told him that I wanted to gain lean muscle and tone my stomach. He started my programing by explaining the concept of “macros” to me and telling me that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I stayed within those numbers. My biggest fear at the start was that I wouldn’t be able to go out with my friends or drink any alcohol. Jordan told me that drinking while on my diet plan was still ok but recommended that I keep it to a minimum or only drink during larger social events. Now this I could work with, a trainer who still let me drink and could guarantee results at the end? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Through a 12-week diet and workout program I was able to reach all of the goals I had set out with at the beginning of the summer. I still drank beer with my friends and I even ate Taco Bell every now and then. Jordan was a great coach and always checked in on my progress to make sure I was on track. If something wasn’t working for me, he would change it right away and I would begin results within just a few days. If you trust his process and give it your all, I promise you will get where you want to be in just a few short weeks. Huge thanks to Jordan for getting me back in shape and for teaching me how to maintain my results in the future! GetGlick’d!”  – Hunter Schappell

Eric- Lost 13 lbs in 8 weeks eating above 3000 calories and less than 60 min of cardio a WEEK!

I had known Jordan for a while before I asked about his nutrition programming advice. Going into his nutrition program I had bulked a little too hard and had more fat to lose than I wanted. In the past I have been able to lose weight and diet successfully by my own. Unfortunately each time I did i had trouble with losing a bit of muscle and strength along the way. I had 8 weeks to lose as much fat as possible while retaining lean mass and energy levels. By the end of the program I had lost around 12-13 pounds with no muscle loss! Unlike previous "cutting" diets I had maintained my strength and had little to no issues with hunger and binges. The best part was that I did not go under 3000 calories during the entire cut and only did cardio 3 times a week at the peak! This was all due to the nutrient timing and macro portions that Jordan explains in his program. You must follow it as closely as possible in order to maximize your results. Due to Jordan's nutritional guidance I was able to ultimately make my weight class for the ECU club wrestling team and still perform at my maximum potential. I learned a lot during those 8 weeks and continue to use some of the principles in my training today. Jordan uses scientifically backed studies to create your own personalized program. If you work hard and follow the program you WILL make progress and see clear results.